Things That Are Keeping Me Busy

For those wondering just what it is that is keeping me busy in the days leading up to my vacation, here are just a few:

  • Preparing for two big presentations at the day job
  • Delivering two big presentations at the day job (both of them tomorrow, as it turns out)
  • Application design work for the day job (storyboarding, data-flow diagramming, flow charts, and other fun stuff like that)
  • Writing my July book review column forĀ InterGalactic Medicine Show (the books are read, the column still needs to be finished).
  • Work on two non-fiction articles.
  • Proofreading galleys for a story coming out in August.
  • Reading critiquing stories that I’ve promised to comment on.
  • Continuing my daily fiction-writing streak (now at 119 days). Last night I wrote just over 1,000 words and the story is moving well now.
  • Responding to personal emails that have been sitting around for too long.
  • Responding to day job email in preparation for being away on vacation.
  • Various planning tasks for our vacation (road trip planning, booking hotels, etc.)
  • Seemingly endless amounts of reading.

This is all above and beyond the usual run-of-the-mill events of my life. Times are just busy right now. Even my sleep is suffering. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to vacation. Less than 48 hours to go.

One thought on “Things That Are Keeping Me Busy

  1. Life is so hectic! Thanks for all your dedication to Evernote and this blog. I have learned so much and do appreciate your thoughts and explanations! Have a great vacation with the family!

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